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Our goal is to preserve the inspired DIY spirit of the past. Our free project reprints cover farm machines, the woodshop, machine shop, boats, archery and more. These vintage plans come from a half-century ago when do-it-yourself enthusiasts turned wood, metal and old motors into useful workhorses, functional tools, and toys.

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If you can contribute vintage plans, please contact us. This site will continue to grow with the help of dedicated members like you that want to preserve these projects in a free collection.

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Featured Project - Fish Head Ash Tray

Caught a trophy bass and want to preserve your monster? Make a fish head ash tray!

Most of our projects take something scrapped and turn it into something useful. This ash tray is no exception, and talk about kitch value! While the thrill of catching a big fish lasts only a few minutes, the pleasure of reminisces, or telling your friends about it, can last for years if you mount the head to serve as a cigarette holder or ashtray.


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